Panel discussion including author on environmental catastrophes, Tucson Festival of Books, on C-SPAN’s BookTV

Author Q&A with World Science Festival’s ‘Smart Reads’

Excerpt (beginning of Chapter 7), on

Q&A with readers of the Eruptions blog, on

Author article for History News Network, on the lessons of Laki

Author Q&A with

Author interview with CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks, as part of a holiday books special

Author story in Nature, on sulfur emissions from the Bardarbunga/Holuhraun eruption

Author post on Last Word on Nothing, on Norse mythology and Icelandic volcanoes

Author Q&A with National Geographic News, on the start of the Bardarbunga/Holuhraun eruption

BBC news story on the effects of a Laki-style eruption

Author interview with The Guardian (podcast)


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